Vintage chair - Westbrook Interiors

With such an huge choice of retailers, both online and offline, deciding what to buy and where to buy can be stressful and time consuming. Westbrook Interiors can take the pressure of the search for your ideal furniture and accessories off your hands, but leave the choice completely within your control.

Kari loves to shop, and will find the best available price for your preferred pieces or style of furniture, fittings, accessories and wall art. Kari has established relationships with numerous online and shop based suppliers around the UK and indeed internationally and can find any product at a great price.

The definition of “furniture and fittings & accessories” includes; seating, fabric for curtains/blinds/sofas, dining settings, bureau/dressers/sideboards, coffee/side tables, beds and bedroom furniture, kitchen units and white goods, bathroom fittings and furnishings, object d’ art, rugs/carpets, building materials, the list is endless! If you need or want it, Westbrook Interiors can source it!

Westbrook Interiors are an advocate of independent furniture, textile and wallpaper designers, and constantly research new contacts and suppliers. We also source, locally and/or UK made products where possible. In addition Westbrook Interiors have established relationships with a range of well known traditional suppliers and also eclectic independent online retailers.

The sourcing fee is 10% of the Recommended Retail Price.